is my online contribution to the great game of golf. By day, I'm a 30 year veteran freelance photographer (you can view my online photo archive at, but in my off time, I'm usually found on the golf course chasing that little white ball.

BritesideGolf .com is designed to emphasize my philosophy and passion about the great game of golf.

That philosophy involves the belief that all the money in the world will not buy you a good golf game. While good equipment is nice and the latest golf technology is interesting, my belief is that the basis to good golf game is the swing.
I've found that I'm able to shoot similar scores with a $500 set of rental golf clubs or a set of irons bought a the local thrift shop for under $20. This has led me to try and develop a better, more solid basic swing, which I believe will eventually lead me to my own optimum golf game.

While there is nothing wrong with buying the latest, greatest golf equipment in your own quest to reach your golfing goals, my personal golf quest is more of a minimalist approach.

I tend to buy used gear for a fraction of the price of new gear to use on the course. In this way I can acquire a wider variety of gear which I can then use to widen my exposure to all kinds of golf technology. Also, since I'm not tied to any one set of clubs (I try to use a different set every time I hit the course) virtually my entire golf club collection is always on sale at my eBay Golf Club store.
With all of this in mind, here are the main features I've incorporated into my online golf offering at

The Homepage now features links to my large selection of hand picked and prepped used golf equipment on eBay, as well as links to my Golf stock photography and Golf stock video clips.

There are pages within the site dedicated to each different type of golf club stocked in my BritesideGolf club shop.

If you are a golf blogger, golf news outlet or run a golf website, be sure to check out my Golf stock photography ( I am a photojournalist by trade) from my photography web site at or my Golf stock video offerings, available through These pages provide you with access to an ever-growing golf image and video library priced reasonably and available fro immediate download.

And, of course, my Breakin' 80 Golf Blog provides my thoughts the great game of golf as well as reviews of classic used golf gear that I've come across in my own on-going efforts to Break 80.

You can contact me anytime at via email at

Be sure to make a regular stop in your online golf journey!

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